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Quantitative Investing

We're bringing the quantitative revolution to real estate investing. Property investing today is often based on incomplete and inadequate information. Analysis, forecasts, and decisions are not rigorously produced, and are sometimes driven by emotion, untested assumptions, and rules of thumb. Portfolio considerations in real estate are often ignored.
We work to improve real estate decision making. It can and should be evidence-based, data-driven, and systematic instead. We are leading the way forward by applying quantitative finance and data science methods to global real estate, helping investors beat the market.

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Project Management

Our Project Management Team provides on-time, on-budget project management solutions through various staffing models, supply chain optimization and expertise by project and asset type—all customized to ensure success of your global real estate projects.


Valuation and Financial Services

Finally, our Valuation and Financial Services will help you finance and refinance your assets achieving the best possible rates and the lowest cost.

Valuation and Business Analytics

Roseline Partners' Valuation and Business Analytics professionals are uniquely positioned to provide transaction support to parties contemplating or involved in a merger, acquisition, or takeover. Our teams offer a wide range of services including financial modeling, pricing analysis, and pro forma earnings impact analysis. 

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Property Management

Our property management team brings more than thirty years of property management background and experience, which will help you optimize the value of your assets by maximizing operational performance through innovative management strategies and cutting edge technologies, bring your customers a real time experience!

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330-unit, 8-story, Class A, multifamily development centrally located within the Waterford Blue Lagoon Class-A Corporate Office Park (home and headquarters to Fortune 500 multinational companies), Soleste Blue Lagoon is minutes away from MIA international airport and major highways.



306-unit, 8-story, Class A, multifamily development centrally located on Miami's busiest corridor Southwest Eighth Street (Calle Ocho). Blocks away from Coral Gables and within all the major urban employment centers and transportation hubs in Miami-Dade County.



213-unit, 5-story, Class A, multifamily development located in the Village of Palmetto Bay. One of the faster-growing submarkets in Florida with extremely high barriers to entry. 

Bay Village is one of two projects located in an opportunity zone within TEC's portfolio.



338-unit, 8-story, Class A, multifamily development centrally located in the heart of the City of West Miami, situated just minutes from some of the largest local employment hubs, including Coral Gables, University of Miami, Miami Children's Hospital and Miami International Airport.

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Global HQ: 98 Richmond rd, Brighton, BN2 3RN, United Kingdom

USA HQ: 7901 4th street north, St.Petersbourg, Florida, 33702, USA